“There is no client so big we cannot serve, or so small not to care for.”

Variety in fresh, frozen and packaged meats, available throughout Attica and much of Greece

The meat industry of Attika Meat, Voudouris – Konstas SA, growing in size and developing its business activities for over half a century now, has now been established in the Greek meat market, as one of the largest meat suppliers.

We source our meat from major European companies and certified Greek livestock farms from all over Greece. Then we carry out sample checks in the veterinary and food technology department that we have inside our facilities, and then we proceed to their processing.

More specifically, in our modern industrial facilities, with an experienced workforce of over 250 people, and using automated processes, we conduct slicing, deboning and packaging for the following types of meat:

  • veal & pork
  • lambs (large carcasses of lamb or sliced)
  • raw chicken and turkey
  • premium meats and cuts such as black Angus, & Kobe beef from the premium Italian calves
  • and a large variety of frozen meats – standardized and packed


Utilizing our modern fleet of trucks we are able to source meat from all over Greece, with no geographical limitations. For this reason, we are also able to supply meat throughout most of the mainland (Peloponnese, Central and Northern Greece), as well as to some islands, such as Crete and Rhodes.

Offering a range of wholesale meats, with quantities over 3,500 tons per month, we supply food retail stores, public bodies, security agencies, the catering industry, as well as food industries.

More specifically, our clientele includes:

• supermarket chains

• hotels and catering units

• butcher’s and restaurants

• restaurants, taverns, grills

• retail stores

• sausage industries

• Security Forces

• hospitals and nursing homes

• camps and kindergartens

• other public bodies

Attika Meat, Voudouris-Konstas: Wholesale of meats, with distribution throughout Greece and Cyprus

Our customers can also directly receive their orders via automates processes by making use of the 10 loading docks with 12 high-tech weighing machines that we feature in our premises.

Being able to process and preserve large quantities of quality meat (meat wholesale) and building relationships of trust and consistency, we have established Attika Meat, Bouvouris-Konstas as one of the largest meat industries in Attica and in Greece.

Regardless, we always maintain personal interest for each customer, no matter the size of the order. Our goal is to be able to always provide quality meat and sufficient quantities, that will help our clients grow their business, by keeping the final customer satisfied.