Our Company


Attika Meat under the name VOUDOURIS – KONSTAS SA has been active in the Greek market since 1971 and its name is inextricably linked to consistency, reliability and competitive prices. Starting from the Renti market (Athens, Greece) with only a single shop, the company soon expanded to six shops, and over the years it grew to a leading meat industry in the field of cutting, deboning and processing meat.

The course of development – Reference points

In 1998, the company’s continuous development in combination with the entry of the third generation in the company’s administration led to the creation of a subsidiary meat enterprise in Peania, Attica, Greece.


In 2005 the two enterprises were merged and relocated to a new large site (11.000 sqm), at present facilities in Moschato. The new facilities function as a vertical meat processing unit with standardization, conservation, cooling, logistics, and sales departments, as well as veterinarians and food technologists departments.


In 2018, the plant expanded even further (adding facilities of 6.000 sqm), to meet ongoing growth needs, thas has to with creating larger cooling spaces on the one hand, and producing meat preparations, on the other hand.


This gradual growth and sustainable development over a long and steady course was achieved with hard and personal work from the experienced shareholders, who appreciated customer’s trust and rewarded loyal employees.

302 Personnel

11.000 m²

30   Fleet

Our Vision

Our vision is to constantly grow and maintain our leading position in the Greek food market.


In an ever-changing market, we adapt to new needs while maintaining consistency in quality and reliability. Our primary goal is to provide the Greek market with quality meat, applying good industry practices.


To this end, we have created a well-organized and well-functioning work environment based on communication, teamwork and trust among the shareholders and the employees, as well as among all of us and our partners.

Attika Meat

We preserve the culture of a real humancentric organization, aiming quality, trust, tradition and consistency.


These core values, guide us with respect to our partners and the environment. They, are the center of our philosophy in our daily service since our beginning, and we try every day to do so, repaying our partners’ trust.

Attika Meat