Modern Distribution Center

Modern fleet of refrigerated trucks and professional drivers support our industry’ s demanding system of supply and distributions

Every specialty in the meat industry “Voudouris – Konstas” plays its role and is equally important, but everything eventually «falls into place» thanks to our drivers, who are the “mobilizers” of the uninterrupted traffic system of Attika Meat industry’s complex organization.

Modern fleet of refrigerated trucks – Professional drivers – Daily itineraries

With a modern fleet of refrigerated trucks, numbering dozens of vehicles, and with a sufficient number of professional drivers, the schedules are daily and the quantities of meat that are transported to the industry on the one hand and distributed on the market, on the other hand, exceed 3,500 tons per month.

For this reason, we use a large number of professional drivers, manning vehicles with two drivers when required by the needs of the route.

Fleet maintenance, timetable, and reward for the drivers

We recognize the vital contribution of drivers to the operation of the supply system that allows us to meet the growing needs of a large part of the Greek market, and we reward it, with proper schedules, leaves, allowances, reciprocal payment and, of course, with bonuses.

The quality of the meat we have is our first “ambassador” in the market, and the drivers, however, as professional carriers of these products, are the second, and that is why we make sure they represent our company to the fullest, in terms of professionalism, consistency, and politeness.

Performance and appearance specifications

In this context, our drivers meet the specifications of professional driving and professional behavior, but also appearance, always wearing their uniforms with the company’s logo.

Similarly, our trucks meet maintenance and appearance specifications, going through planned and extraordinary maintenance, and bringing the same colors (white and red), as well as the large and distinct logo of our company.

From the execution of the itineraries to the loading and unloading of the goods, the drivers are the ones who allow us to distribute large quantities of meat, with supply routes from Central Greece, Northern Greece, the Peloponnese, as well as the islands of Crete and Rhodes.

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