Facility expansion – Voudouris-Konstas meat industry in Moschato, Athens, Greece

The already large industrial facilities of the meat industry “Attika Meat, Voudouris-Konstas”, located in Moschato, Attica, are expanded with the construction of three new industrial buildings, on an adjacent and equal-sized plot of land (11,000 sq.m.) 

Construction works of the first new building, which had started at the beginning of 2020, were completed within schedule, and the ground floor of the building has already been put into operation.

The 500 sq.m. ground floor of the new building is equipped with modern equipment of high technology machines and programs for weighing upon receipt and sale of goods.

Attika Meat, Voudouris-Konstas’ industrial equipment has now been enhanced with 10 loading docks with 12 high-tech weighing machines, as well as 4 new refrigeration chambers.

The utilization of the 2nd floor of the new building, as well as the construction of the next two new buildings, will be completed in the near future, within 2022.

Our company, having started its activity in 1971, has had a steady growth path, especially in the last decade. Expanding our facilities and enhancing our equipment we aim to speed up processes and be able to support the largest network of meat supplies and sales throughout Greece.