Attika Meat & Covid-19

“Attika Meat, Voudouris – Konstas SA” maintained a key-presence if the Greek food market during the unprecedented conditions of quarantine

As one of the largest meat industries in the country, supplying a large part of the Greek market, with imports from abroad and domestic supplies, we were fully aware of the presence we had to maintain, in the extraordinary conditions imposed by the pandemic.

In these unprecedented conditions that we were called upon to cope, our company rose to the occasion, continuing to serve the increased meat orders, despite the sense of fear that prevailed in general and the panic that triggered overly increased demand.

Both thanks to our large stocks and our ongoing domestic and foreign supplies, which continued despite the difficulties, during the quarantine period we were able to meet a sharply increased demand compared to the standard monthly demand.

By maintaining enhanced protection and operational measures, in line with the new conditions, and by overcoming the fear, our people (employees and executives) made a difference in the Greek food market, by fully covering the overly increased demand.

Thus, while we usually supply the Greek market with about 3,500 tones per month, during quarantine we were asked to provide significantly more than that, which we did, and that as a fact played a significant role in preventing food shortages and reassuring the consumers’ concerns.

The executives of the company, setting the example, with their daily presence, and our human resources, went the extra mile, with a sense of responsibility and duty to cope with this unprecedented situation.

We thank and reward our human resources for their consistency and professionalism, and we are committed to maintaining our position in the market, so that we can always, under any circumstances, ensure the uninterrupted meat supply throughout Greece.

We wish good health to our fellow citizens and a quick return to regularity!