5 less popular types of meat worth adding to our diet

Meat is one of the most popular foods in the world. Humans have been consuming meat almost since they walked the planet and still include it in their diet to this day. In fact, in recent decades global meat consumption has increased rapidly, a trend that is not expected to reverse in the near future. Almost 90% of people say they eat meat, with different countries and cultures having their own favorite type of meat.

The most popular types of meat in Greece

For us, Greeks, pork meat was for a long time our first choice when it came to meat consumption, consuming annually, more than 27 kg/person. Over the recent years, pork consumption has fallen into the second place in terms of popularity (22 kg/person), and the first place it is now taken by poultry meat, with more than 25 kg/person annually. Beef/veal meat holds on the third place with 13.5 kg/person, followed by sheep and goat meat, with 6.1 kg/person.

These meats represent the main types of meat we consume in Greece, with the other meats making up only a small percentage of the total meat consumption. However, there are other types of meat worth considered, rich in nutritional value, and the extremely delicious. Some of these (well-known or lesser-known) types of meat are presented to you in today’s article.

5 types of meat that deserve a place on our table

1. Duck meat

Duck meat

Duck meat is not only one of the tastiest meats there are, but it is also high in nutritional value. Rich in protein, iron, zinc and vitamins, it is an extremely healthy food. It is considered a fatty meat; however, it is low in saturated (bad) fat. Additionally, duck fat is subcutaneous, and as such you can easily remove it if you want to. In fact, duck breast, if cleared of skin and fat, is leaner than its chicken counterpart.

It can be cooked as a whole or in cuts and is ideal both for cooking in the oven and in pot. In our country, we usually eat duck either in Asian restaurants or as an alternative to turkey at the Christmas table. But such a tasty and healthy meat deserves a place on the table more often.

2. Rabbit meat

Rabbit meat

Rabbit meat was once one of the most common meats on the Greek table, especially in rural areas, thanks to the non-demanding breading it required, the delicious meat in produced and its high nutritional value. Rich in proteins, low in fat, and with a high content of calcium, phosphorus, etc., this meat prevailed in some of the most famous and delicious dishes of Greek and international cuisine.

Cooked in tomato sauce, stewed, zesty, chasseur, fried, stuffed, rabbit meat can be easily and creatively combined with several other food materials, to produce an infinite number of delicious and healthy dishes.

3. Quail meat

Quail meat

Quail is a small bird, which has been a sought-after game for its fine meat, since ancient times.  Now, quails are raised in farms, so there is no need for hunting them to be able to enjoy their meat on our table.

Quail meat is rich in B vitamins, as well as iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, zinc, copper, etc. 100 grams of quail meat contain 25 grams of good quality protein, while its saturated fat and cholesterol content is relatively low.

Several cuisines, both European and Asian, feature quail in their dishes. This kind of meat can be cooked in a pot, or a pan, on the grill,or in the oven, and it is most certainly a fine meat, that is worthy of tasting.  

4. Deer meat

Deer meat

Deer was for a long time one of the most popular games. Now, numerous farms breed deer, both in Greece and abroad.

It is an excellent and healthy red meat, with a low-fat content. 100 grams of this meat gives us almost 23 grams of protein, while it is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, etc.

It is a meat that requires proper management during cooking, however, if cooked properly, you can be sure it will reward you with its taste.

5. Buffalo meat

Buffalo meat

Buffalo meat is one of the tastiest and healthiest red meats. It is high in protein and iron and low in fat and calories. Compared to beef/veal, buffalo is higher in iron and lower in calories and cholesterol.

Buffalo meat is cooked much the same way as beef, but as buffalos are free-range animals, some cuts may take longer to cook. Respectively, for other cuts of buffalo meat, given its lower fat content (lower than beef), a shorter cooking time is required to prevent the meat from drying out.

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